Growing Up With Honors College Research Paper

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As small as a cricket, scared of what the world could do to me. That’s how I felt small in comparison to what was out in the world and not knowing much of the outside. Growing up was a challenge when people say I live with my parents, everyone gets a clear picture of having both parents at home. But when I say “I live with my parents” I mean I’m growing up with my mother , who encourages my brothers and I to be independent since my father is all ways a way traveling the contiguous states. My parents always told me to do well in school but I never really thought about the meaning of those words since that’s what we grow up hearing. But I’ve come to realize that those words have truth, education is a privilege as many people don’t have that option. Here in the honors college of HCC Central I have come to realize many things about the world that I was blinded or just never acknowledge.…show more content…
I’ve learned not to take school for granted, to get where you want to get you need to work hard and you must put all your time into it. The honors college has brought me closer to the community and also with the people around me. Helping the people around me. Managing school and work made me realize that I had to prioritize my school work. The classes were challenging and I did not just want to have an idea of the chapter but I wanted to know the material. Joining the science club open my mind to greater opportunities in the science fields and it also allowed me the opportunity to share my thoughts with other people who shared my interest in science. I also had the opportunity to make the HCC Central Dance

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