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Growing up as a young teen may be discouraging or terrifying. It can even diminish self confidence. Growing up and developing into a young woman comes along with a lot of challenges, but it also brings special moments that have stuck with me forever. Uncomfortable and humiliating experiences helped to shape me into the person I am today. Life is about passion and bringing everything you have to the table, not only in the shining moments but throughout all aspects of life. By pursuing a higher education it has given me the courage to take charge of my life and own my true self. I grew up in a family of six and being the oldest came with a large amount of responsibilities all at once. All of my siblings were Homeschooled, including me. The only public school environment that I had been in was a Christian Pre-school and I don’t remember anything else but picture day. Once I become older, around age five my mom involved me with sports. Now this is the time where I began to make friends and there was a mixture of homeschooled friends and public schooled friends. Now I just so happened to be the one girl in the group who was at the lowest learning level. I would constantly get made fun of for the simple reasons of not reading as fast as them or not having all of the multiplication tables memorized.…show more content…
I begin to lose all of my self confidence, of course I attempted to brush those difficult words off. As time went on my self-esteem lessened and lessened. Time progressed and I still carried the thought that no matter what, I would never perform well in academics. Or so I thought… My mom had me participate in tests that covered all subjects, I did not want to be examined in everything that I came up short for. After the months of completing the various tests I had passed every single one of them with above average

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