Growing Up Female With The Mass Media Summary

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Where the Girls are: Growing up Female with the Mass Media by Susan Douglas is a thought-provoking read as it relates to women as early as in the 1950s, how women have been perceived in the media, and how women are shaped by mass media as a whole. It brings to light how mass media influenced society’s view towards women, how mass media placed worth on certain aspects pertaining to women, and how feminism gave rise. Douglas chose to explore the mass media as it relates to women as well as study the message that mass media puts forth on women. Through this, Douglas dives into the cultural “schizophrenia” that women experience due to mass media and its position and perception of women. Douglas also dives into why mass media is both a friend and foe, when it comes to how women perceive themselves to be. Weaving her personal experience and wit and the historical outlines as they occurred. It is brought to light how Feminism started as a taboo, with labels such as “braless bubbleheads” and “man-haters” (7). Mass media accused Feminists for the surge in divorce rates, as young women were losing the June Clever…show more content…
Douglas wanted a better life for herself. She wanted to be on tour with the Beatles and be like Holly Golightly, boundaries crossed and staying away from “teenage girls don’t belong here” (102). With the first wave of rebelling teenage girls hitting in the 1960’s, averaging about 18 yrs of age (109), shows like The Patty Duke Show and Gidget became the go to shows. Two characters fighting for equality, and in doing so being asexual to give them the opportunity to be feminist on TV. As two shows creating a platform, it gave way to shows like Bewitched and I Love Lucy. Shows that empowered “wives” by having one wife a witch and the other a wife who fought her way

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