Ophelia's Suicide In Hamlet Essay

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Ophelia from the story hamlet drowns when she was picking flower near a slow moving river in act four and scene seven of hamlet the play. Queen Gertrude tells King Claudius and Laertes in lines 167 of act four scene seven. The queen says “One woe doth tread upon another’s heel, so fast they fellow, your sister drowned.” The way Ophelia die was due to her dress filling up with water, according to the queen saying “till that her garments, heavy with their drink, pulled the poor wretch from her melodious lay to muddy death.” Ophelia was at the river, too pick flowers for making a wreath or crown. She fell in the river, she could have saved herself by holding on to a branch but let go, causing her to drown in the river. Laertes (Ophelia brother) response to hearing that his sister has drown is saddest, saying “too much of water hast thou, poor Ophelia, and therefore I forbid my tears.” Laertes continues saying that the womanly part of himself died with Ophelia.…show more content…
Horatio is handed a letter by a sailor from hamlet saying “a pirate or very warlike appointment gave us chase.” Meaning pirates that’s well equipped for warfare gave them trouble at sea. Hamlet continue to state in the letter to Horatio “in the grapple I board them. On the instant, they got clear of our ship; so I alone became their prisoner.” Hamlets ship got in a battle with the pirates, hamlet went on board of the pirates and now is sailing home with pirates. Hamlet says that the pirates “They knew what they did: I am to do a good turn for them” meaning the pirate knew what they were doing by helping hamlet, so hamlet has to repay the favor to the pirates. Later, on in the letter you find out that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are still on the ship that is still going to

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