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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a mediocre book with some good and bad parts. However, it’s negative parts out weight the good when teaching the book in American Literature. This book has some very good qualities in the beginning, but after Huck and Jim are not alone on the raft anymore the morals and plot goes down hill. Schools should teach the beginning of the book with its contemplation of morals but discuss the racism of characters to show Huckleberry Finn isn’t a perfect world. The racism in Huck Finn is a strong problem. Every use of the word “Nigger” is derogatory, but while this is the deep south in the 1800’s it shouldn’t be used while Huck is narrating. David L. Ulin writes, “This is a novel meant to be read…show more content…
Twain had a good concept with Huck's moral battle of weather to hand Jim in to the Widow Douglass or help him go to freedom. Huck also struggles with deciding whose moral are correct and Jim helps him out as a good human being. Jim bases his morals on logical thinking. An example of this is when Jim talks about King Solomon saying, “You take a man dat's got on'y one or two chillen; is dat man gwyne to be waseful o' chillen? No, he ain't; he can't 'ford it. He know how to value 'em. But, you take a man dat's got 'bout five million chillen runnin' roun' de house, en it's diffunt.” (Page 59). Jim thinks that if a child died if you have a million child it wouldn’t matter as much as someone with 2 kids. Huck thinks more abstractly and if the story properly continued, we would have seen Huck consider Jim’s point of view not just disregard him because he is black. Women in Huck’s life, Widow Douglas and after Aunt Sally have spent time teaching him the common morals that are bad like stealing. Jim shows Huck morals, but in a way that they can survive. In the ending when Jim is stuck in the shack, Huck wants to get him out, but he doesn’t have a conflict that He’ll return him to Widow Douglas like before. Though Huck already decided not to write a letter he still could have told the Phelps and then Jim wouldn’t be trapped. Overall, Twain had moral,s but didn’t

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