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Named in reference to Henry Gray’s well-known medical book, Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that has been on air for nine years. The series created by producer Shonda Rhimes, aired its first episode on March 27th 2005 and is currently on its 11th season. Although the ratings have gone down over the recent years, Grey’s Anatomy was once rated the top show in the United States. The show has obtained several awards, for example, it won a Golden Globe Award in 2007 and has received multiple Emmy nominations. It focuses on the lives of the residents, interns and surgeons who work at the fictitious Seattle hospital Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Grey’s Anatomy is known for it’s rare and unpredictable medical cases, dynamic characters and clever writing.…show more content…
Each episode of Grey’s Anatomy never fails to have its fair share of unusual medical stories and thrilling operating room scenes. The writing staff consists of doctors and ex-medical professionals who work out the script to make sure proper medical techniques are displayed. Before a script is written the show’s expert medical researchers spend many hours rifling through medical journals in search of the perfect medical case. The cases range from babies born with organs on the outside, open-heart surgery elevators and limbs stuck in meat grinders. Nevertheless, the intensity of these scenes is based solely on the actors’ ability to portray the characters with such creativity and

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