The Precepts Of Ptah Hotep Analysis

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Living a good life is a clear theme in many texts. Whether they are modern or ancient texts, the requirements of human flourishing are portrayed in several forms throughout the years. Depending on the text and civilization, there are different guidelines that can lead to a life that is favorable. Human flourishing changes based on what one believes is living well. The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep states that one has to be moral and practice behavior acceptable in society; he or she should be humbled. Be a Scribe states that one has to be a leader and pursue a career that will lead to wealth and recognition. The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep and Be a Scribe discuss distinct ideas of what it takes to flourish, although the concept and overall themes…show more content…
When someone is in lust, he or she is attracted to a person solely on their outer beauty. It is a natural human quality and occurs in many individuals. However, if people act on lust alone, it can ruin them. The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep states, “If you desire to excite respect within the house you enter... keep yourself from making advances to a woman, for there is nothing good in doing so...” (Horne 3). A simple attraction to someone should never be a reason to walk into someone's home and betray a bond by sleeping with their spouse. Succumbing to lust can lead to a life of ruin. The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep teaches us that a night of pleasure is not worth forfeiting prosperity and success in life. Once a person cheats, there is no way to return and get back the reputation that he or she once had. Mostly, he or she always is a cheater from that moment on. It is virtually impossible to blossom once you ruin your reputation. Therefore, one should not allow lust to rule their life and take away…show more content…
Without kindness, you are unable to blossom. Ptah himself writes, “Inspire not men by fear… Let one provide sustenance for them in the lap of peace; it will then be that they will freely give what has been torn from them by terror” (Horne 2). When talking to others in a position of inferiority, it is second nature to speak with authority and instill fear into the workers. When one is in a position of power, he or she feels the need to yell and fill people with fear so they are more likely to perform. However, Ptah disagrees with this notion, stating that people are more likely to follow requests if they are spoken to with respect, rather than contempt. Consequently, the kindness and respect that one gives off leads to a flourishing career and overall lifestyle. Whereas, instilling fear often simply causes unnecessary trouble, which does not provide a gain for anyone. Therefore, kindness leads to productivity and satisfied workers, which is beneficial for a flourishing

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