Great Gatsby Dialectical Journal

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Chapter One: A Delicate Situation Present Day I stared out into the night, stars stretched across the endless midnight sky. I sat perched on the railing of the balcony six stories high, admiring the cloudless night. A slight breeze blew my auburn strands in different directions. I smiled, soaking in the moonlight. I closed my eyes, and pictured the sun in the moon's place. The stars were replaced with a blue suburban sky. I tried to feel the heat the sun would give my skin, the warmth. The smell of spring, flowers. Not the burning sensation, not the smell of my skin cooking in the light. I opened my eyes, leaving my reverie behind. Its a foolish dream…show more content…
I'll awaken Atticus if I have to, that boy will not die." "I'll help you, " Kasper smiled,” You won’t do this alone, maybe if more people stand up for him, Dante won’t kill him.” "So will I ," Lucy chimed in, she walked across the room and into Kasper's arms. "Good," I smiled, "We'll have to teach him how to feed, without killing, and how to use his speed and strength. And how to coerce." "That'll be fun, " Kasper said sarcastically. "You taught me," Lucy smiled, planting a kiss on his lips. I looked away for a moment, in my almost five hundred years of existence I've never found what Lucy and Kasper have. I probably never will, but it pains me a little. I am envious of what they have. "Well if I can teach you how to feed, then teaching him should be a walk in the park." he chuckled. Lucy smacked his shoulder, before kissing him one more time. There was a knock at the door. They waited a few seconds before opening it, William walked in, our newest vampire. He has been a vampire for only fifteen years, turned by Lillian, out of pity. His family was slaughtered by the wolves, he was only a child. She raised him, until he was old enough and then she turned him. "What is it?" Kasper asked him. "It's the boy, " he answered, " he's

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