The Great Gatsby Dialectical Journal

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Josie couldn’t think of how she ended up at the dim playground she once roamed some years ago. Her lips parch and throat sore, she walked amongst the equipment feeling nostalgic. Before she found herself here, she was sleeping next to her long-time friend, Mark. Since she could remember, Josie was a victim to numerous sleeping illnesses, such as the terrifying sleep paralysis, the common sleep walking, and these all caused her insomnia. Mark took it upon himself to ease Josie’s nerves that came around dusk. He would hold her tight and shield her eyes, just in case a disfigured, ravenous animal came through the door and the least she could do is watch, unable to lower her eye lids. But through that, her limp legs took her to her old stomping grounds.…show more content…
She stared intently at the young girl through her puffy face. Finally Josie mustered the courage to ask the woman a query, a puny task in a neuro-typical’s eyes. With a scratch in her throat, “Who are you?” A million possible explanations raced around in her mind. ‘For this being such a small town, I’d think I’d know her,’ she thought. ‘Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I don’t recall reading ‘hallucinations’ under the symptoms of my meds.’ Alas she was knocked out of her trance as the woman answered her. “Freya is my name,” she spoke, dabbing at her protruding nose. The name seemed unusually familiar but Josie couldn’t pin point the exact whereabouts in her aching head. “Why are you

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