Grapes Of Wrath Community Analysis

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Do you belong to any kind of community? What really composes a community? In The Grapes of Wrath, a small group of farmers living in Oklahoma is forced to leave their home and to leave to live elsewhere. This common problem helps bring them together to help create a petite community between the farmers. In Oklahoma, there is a mini community made up of small farmers. They’ve been born and raised on the farm making the farmers all wished to die on their farm similarly. They’ve know each other forever, everyone has become close neighbors resembling a family. The dust has covered their crops, giving them nothing to produce and sell making it difficult to supply food and to make a profit. The bank wanted to remove the land that was of no benefit to anyone, to tear down the houses, and to start something new. The men protested, “Sure, cried the tenant men, but it’s our land. We measured it and broke it up. We were born with it, and we got killed on it, died on it. Even if it’s no good it’s ours-being born on it, working it, dying on it.” (Steinbeck 33). Most of the farmers claimed the same; begging together that the bank (monster) wouldn’t haul their land away.…show more content…
The plows’ll go through the dooryard,” (Steinbeck 33). The people slowly started collecting their items with a new sadness throughout all the farms. Now each person is facing a common problem which brings the people together also in heart and spirit. A son of one of the farmers starts working for the bank and destroying the neighboring houses for $3 a day to feed his wife and kids. The tenant asked, “‘Well, what you doing this kind of work for-against your own people?’” (Steinbeck 37). Even though each person knew who the driver was, personally, and the driver knows everyone else personally, he still decides to work against his own people for a few

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