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A grandmother definition elaborates in six simple words “the mother of one’s father or mother. The definition seems understated in my opinion, a grandmother is more than just a mother for her children. A grandmother’s personality traits: patience, generosity, and solicitude is what sets her apart from everyone else. She provides a positive influential environment to ensure safety and nourishment for her grandchildren. The foundation that a grandmother creates is pure love, her supportive attitude in complex situations and her enthusiastic behavior to listen and learn attentively. A grandmother is the essential element of kindness, a devotional woman that sacrifices her happiness for others because she is concerned for their well-being. Her purpose is to express unconditional love and blessings among her children and grandchildren. Characteristics that distinguish a grandmother from everyone else is the mere nature of her heart that is filled with warmth and spiritual guidance.…show more content…
Traditions, values, and rituals are the key principles that a grandmother emphasizes, she expects her children and grandchildren to carry the family legacy; for example, my grandmother introduced specific customs and traditions passed down from her parent’s generation. Every September my grandparents organized a pleasant gathering inviting family relatives and friends to celebrate a traditional holiday. Adults are expected to participate and equally distribute money among the adolescents and children; it is the year of celebration. Social norms today fail to highlight the significance of a grandmother. The definition derived from the dictionary does not exactly elucidate the manifested meaning of the word rather than it concentrates on a more literal

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