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Compare and Contrast There are differences and similarities between people. Each person is unique in their own way because of the experiences they gained throughout their life and how they reacted to these situations. In the films Gran Torino and Memoirs of a Geisha, Thao Vang Lor and Chiyo Sakamoto both have differences and things in commons. Thao is expected to take over the house because he is a man, but he doesn’t have a father figure to guide him. Chiyo was sold to a geisha home to become a geisha because her mother was dying and her father could not support her. While, one is Hmong and the other is Japanese, both Thao and Chiyo have very distinct traditions and roles due to their gender because Thao is expected to take charge while Chiyo is expected to be well-mannered. Thao lived in Detroit. Their neighborhood consisted of many gang members where one of them ending up to be his cousin. Thao had always been talked about, behind his back because many elders said that he was not a real man considering the fact that he washed dishes and gardens outside unlike his older sister, Sue, who bossed him around the house. Chiyo, on the other hand,was born in the countryside of Japan, but her father sold her to a…show more content…
It took them a long time to resolve their problem through hard work and the horrible things the antagonist threw in their path. Nevertheless, they were both very blessed to be given a second chance to redeem themselves and fix their mistakes. Even though Chiyo and Thao could relate to one another by causing problem in their life, they’re both very different because of their gender and role. As a male is expected to run the house and take over while the female stay home and have someone support them. In the end, these two characters faced challenges that changed them and left a horrible scarred on their back, but without these experiences they wouldn’t be who they are

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