Goofy-Personal Narrative

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Fun is a universal feeling that everyone shares. It can take many forms. It can be celebratory, it can be shared with friends, it can be created, and it can happen in an instant, and leave without a trace. Life is all about finding happiness, and I value anything that puts a smile on my face. I believe in the celebration of things you enjoy. As I walked down the street I saw nothing but orange on the lawns. The jack o'lanterns lit up the night and guided me through the neighborhood. I was wearing my Goofy costume fit with the green hat and dog ears. I admired the scary decorations on people's houses. People had spider webs, life sized zombie statues that made sounds, there was even a house that had a female ghost pop out from the window…show more content…
We each have time to ready our balloons to begin battle. As we fill the balloons the air is silent, not a sound. The only thing we can hear is the pounding of our heart beats and the giggles of the guys who have a vicious plan. We glare at each other trying to read our opponents. We only have two water hoses one in the back yard and one in the garage so it took a long time to fill our balloons. During that time we would point to guys we wanted to make alliances with or gang up on and destroy. Then came the last minute preparations. We put goggles on to protect our eyes, we set the music player to the song “The Final Countdown”. We then stand in a circle with balloons in hand ready to begin. We all start smack talking each other like we're WWE wrestlers. Then we all started counting down, then I yelled “Go”, and it began. We all throw our balloons at the exact same time. I run to find cover behind a tree and watch the battle in order to find an opening. When I do I take my balloon and throw it overhand with all my strength. It slams into the back of my target so hard that they stumble a little bit. He then turns around and throws it back at me hitting me in the face. Water gets shot down my throat and I choke a little bit. We then got out our water guns and Super Soakers along with our balloons and started squirting each other. We got out the hose and…show more content…
I darted past the full court press, and made it to the three point line with four seconds to go. I took the shot, the announcer's voice and the crowd's screams filled my ears as the ball went through the hoop. I jumped from the couch screaming with joy, and slammed my controller on my seat. I pointed and screamed at my friend who face palmed in disappointment. “I am the king of NBA Jam,” I

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