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Jon Bon Jovi the crazy rock star from New Jersey. He is also the creator of the band “Bon Jovi.” Be loved by many girls, especially by jersey girls, and inspired many other boy bands. Jovi started out as small town kid with a guitar, to one of the biggest legends in metal history. He worked hard to get where he wanted, but he also played dirty as well. Jon Bon Jovi is a Jersey idol, but is there really anything “Jersey” about him or his music? Is this title truly justified? The truth how Jon Bon Jovi got started. Jon Bon Jovi started out by playing at night clubs, in Asbury Park. Such night clubs were the Stone Pony and The Saint. He would go every night trying his hardest to get his name out. However, he finally did get his break…show more content…
Musicians like Jon Bon Jovi are reasons why New Jersey is so popular. Famous musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Hudson, Davie Bowe and Jon Bon Jovi all have made references to New Jersey. One can argue that because of these musicians it helped New Jersey’s economy. Especially Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen since these musicians have made direct references to New Jersey. Even though his album, New Jersey wasn’t about New Jersey, it was a worldwide seller and that publicized New Jersey. Him being a New Jersey idol, is justified because of the connection he had with the people. The way he started out might have been dirty but he never forgot about his fans and made them involved as possible. He is a New Jersey idol, he gave New Jersey the publicity \ it needed and always say connected with the people of New Jersey today. Even in 2014 he is still doing a lot for New Jersey , one by working with Chris Crisis to help victims of super storm Sandy and opening up a restaurant for Sandy victims called Soul Kitchen, where the menu as no prices, customers just make a small donation or “pay what you can”. He is also now being involved with the politics of New

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