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SUMMER TIME BASS & GRASS Well the time has come for all good bass to be very active. Unfortunately it doesn't always happen that way, since the hard part for the bass angler is to figure out where they are and how to catch them. Since the water has warmed up and the aquatic vegetation has already become apparent on our So. Cal. lakes, this is the best place for our green little friends to hang out. Three things will keep the bass there. First: cover or shade. Second: the fact that the grass gives off high concentrations of oxygen. And third: the fact that the food supply for the bass like this cover for their own protection. From early morning until the last rays of sunset can be seen, you can pretty much bet they are somewhere in the grass looking for an easy meal. Most anglers will not try to fish this kind of cover because of the fact that their lures always bring back more grass than bass. They only need to adapt their lure to the depth of the grass in order to zero in on where the bass might be for that time of day. Early morning seems to be the best time to fish the grass because the bass are always cruising the edges, especially in low light conditions.…show more content…
In heavy grass mats try a bait that will ride on top of the grass with the least amount of resistance like a grass frog or even a Johnson spoon. In grass that is just a foot or so below the surface try a sluggo type bait. In grass that is 3 to 4 ft below try a topwater bait or very shallow running crankbait. Well, you get the idea. As the grass gets deeper a lure that works those depths best without all the grass hanging up on it will most likely do the best job. That’s not to say that flipping the heavy grass pockets won't work because that might be the pattern that catches the bigger fish. But, you may also catch your fair share of

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