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The book If I Stay by was written in 2009 by Gayle Foreman and was later made into a movie in 2014. If I Stay is about a teenage girl named Mia, that is a very talented cellist and on a snow day, her and her family get into a car wreck. Like all books made into movies they are both different and similar in many ways. Some of the ways they are different are different is the way Mia’s father gives her a cello, the way Adam visits her in the hospital, and Mia’s acceptance to Julliard. One of the main differences is the way Mia’s father gives her a cello. In the book, Mia was at her first public concert and she was about to back out of going on stage because she was too nervous. Her father told her that if she did not go out there her present was a waste and he would have to take it back. She went on stage and played her heart out and her father gave her a cello of her own. However, in the movie, Mia’s dad is outside of Mia’s room listening to her play the cello for hours on end. He says that she is not playing to get anything she is…show more content…
Adam is Mia’s boyfriend of a year and a half. As soon as he finds out what has happened to Mia he tries to visit her in the hospital. In the book, Adam tries to go see Mia and is told he cannot so he has makes a plan. First, Kim, Mia’s best friend, and Adam hide in a broom closet and try to find some scrubs to impersonate a nurse. However, that does not work. Adam comes up with another plan to bring in a famous singer to come and distract the nurses. That gets Adam into the room but he is dragged out of the room before he can touch Mia. Right as the guards are about to drag them away to the security station, Willow a close family friend comes to save them. In the movie, Kim goes up the security guard screaming about a girl having a baby in the bathroom and that gets Adam into see Mia but again he cannot touch her before being dragged away and rescued by

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