Ghana Imperialism

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When Europeans first arrived to Ghana in 1471, their aim was to create a society that had buildings and a structured government, and have the ability to trade in gold, ivory and slaves. For the next 400 years, the Europeans would build what would later be known as Ghana by attracting citizens with the great amount of resources and using the slave trade to conquer more land. However, the citizens of Ghana were getting angry with their lack of freedom as they were treated as lower class people. War would break out in 1820 and by 1850, the land would be sold to the Danish. In the 1860s, the British would storm into Ghanaian land and by 1874 Britain would claim all of the territory and name it the Gold Coast. The British had taken over all of the…show more content…
The Gold Coast was one of many prosperous nations for the British Empire, but the citizens of each nation under colonial rule were unhappy about their lack of representation in the government. The nation of Ghana was positively impacted by imperialism as the citizens demand for representation led to the enactment of western laws and ultimately, helped Ghana to unite and become independent, and develop a system of democracy. When the people of Ghana were under colonial rule, their leaders implemented western ideas and advances that ultimately would benefit all of the citizens. Building hospitals and schools kept citizens healthy and educated, and western medicines helped cure diseases that were once fatal. The health and well-being of Ghanaian citizens continued to improve. According to the national Central Intelligence Agency factbook, the population of Ghana has grown by 20 million people since 1960, and the average life expectancy has gone up by 15 years. The medicines and hospitals are improving healthcare and living conditions in Ghana and people are living longer because of it. Ghana is now a more desirable place to live. Students have a

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