James Mcwilliams And Food's Class Warfare

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Food is an essential part of any culture. It serves to show the diversity and unique aspects of different cultural beliefs. Cultures enable us to understand the concept of cultural diversity. Many people ask the question, “Does the United States have its own modern food culture?” In these two articles: “What Makes American Cuisine American?” by James McWilliams and “Food’s Class Warfare” by Tracie McMillan, the authors discuss the food traditions that the U.S. has adopted and how they affect America in our modern society. Based on the information presented in the articles, I believe that modern American food culture is a blend of many food cultures from different parts of world and that a culture that has bad eating habits leads to widespread…show more content…
Since there was a blend of many cultures, people were introduced to different types of food; however, many settlers were more interested in getting a lot of money and did not give any consideration about what they ate. So in the U.S., our food culture became a mixture of many others all around the world due to the lack of care with regards to the type of food they ate. For example, McWilliams states, “Nurturing dreams of cheap land and upward mobility, they decided that replicating culinary tradition wasn’t worth the hassle. There were too many other projects to undertake, too many remunerative goals to pursue.”(McWilliams). In saying this, McWilliams argues that these settlers were more interested in earning money, instead of thinking of working on the United States food culture. This was and is a big deal because in the seventeen hundreds, settlers were more concerned with forming a new country than the type of food they ate. Their food culture consisted of eating in a way that was easy and convenient such as having food that was unhealthy and trying different types of food from around the world. McWilliams also states, “‘curious ragoos’—has mutated into an upgraded food system that playfully incorporates haute cuisine with TV dinners, fast food with slow food, local with global, anything with everything.”(McWilliams). He argues that America does not have a distinctive food…show more content…
But McMillan argues that, “Right now, the affluent spend more at restaurants each year than the poor spend on all their food. The poor interestingly, tend to make use of coupons at farmers’ markets, suggesting that they are less in need of lectures than higher incomes.”(McMillan). She states that the poor actually do a better job of utilizing supermarkets and therefore are making healthier choices than the rich. Furthermore, the affluent do not really care because they go to restaurants more often. This is important because it is common misconception to think that the poor are the ones that make the bad eating habits. Obesity can affect anyone; it does not matter what social class you are part of. This is part of American food culture so a lot of people are obese because of the bad food choices they

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