Comparing The Film 'Iroquois Legends And Sacrifice'

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Children and Men, Iroquois Legends and Sacrifice By Cannon David Children of men is such a strong film, with many great leading characters, drama and some huge Hold-your-Breath moments that kept me and my emotions in a vice grip the entire film. A huge theme I was drawn to from my own background was the sacrifices made through the film, the selflessness demonstrated by Jasper in his own home, the staged aloofness of Miriam, Theo’s self sacrifice in the eyes of danger countless time and his final sacrifice being his own life to save the future of the Human race in saving Kee. I realize now why I was so drawn to the film and the idea of sacrifice, there was a legend when I was a child that spoke of such selfishness and power that inspired me. It was a tale of a Hunter and his Four Dogs. The selflessness presented in this legend placed the power of bravery and courage in me as a child and still to this day inspires me. In the Legend the Hunter Otsinen has his family taken from him in a fire during a time of Great conflict. Losing his parents and brothers he is a lonely child. His grief causes him to be introverted in his pain. Adopted by another Nation after leaving his own village that had been reduced to ash he came as a lone orphan. Otsinen found his solace surrounded by nature, alone in the forest Otsinen…show more content…
Her words echoed in his mind as he leaped over fallen trees deep claw marks days old in their bark. As he ran he came across collections of bones that had been placed in the trunks of large hallow trees. Otsinen ran hard listening to the sounds of a great battle taking place behind him, Beast and animal slashed and growled at one another. Four Eyes howled a triumphant howl and there was a audible tear as something came free, the beast emitted angry shrill sound that pierced Otsinen’s ears then there was the whimper of a dog and

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