Obstacles Of Life In Lee Smith's Saving Grace

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In this book Saving Grace, the author Lee Smith perfectly conveys the situation and life’s obstacles of a young girl named Florida Grace, turning into a woman in the mist of religion and poverty and her raising by her mother Fannie and her Father which is a preacher. It portrays the life of this confused, dark, woman in hopes that she finds her way in her mixed up emotional world. Saving Grace never seems to never be “saved” but only replaced. At the beginning of the book Grace is a sweet and innocent southern girl who seems to be guided by her mother and father in their very religious home. But like momma says shes her “worry wart child”. (Smith pg.3). Her home life consists of her controlling father, crazy mother and her siblings and daddy’s mixed…show more content…
Her father had these beliefs in god that he was in control and would take care of everything but from Grace’s eyes her life never went the way she thought it should or was far from picture perfect. Her mom tragically dies from a suicide. Her father was an over bearing hypocrite that made her feel as if she wasn’t Godly enough and she spends her whole life trying to do right be right and ended up on the wrong side of the tracks with the man from the wrong side of the tracks. Drugs and living a roadie life and working as a waitress helping raise a grandbaby at thirty-eight from her oldest daughter who is which isn’t very different from her. Misty married young had a baby right off the bad got her GED then decided to go to nursing school while Grace watches the baby John-boy named after his father John which is a good man works at Lowesclimbing the ladder, blue collar kind of man nothing like the men in her life. While her youngest is following in grandpa Virgil’s footsteps full scholarship to Carson- Newman and is studying bible. So her life has not worked out the godly way her father intended it to be. (smith

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