George A. Romero's Film The Night Of The Living Dead

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In modern culture, vampires and zombies are a part of our world and continue to grow in popularity. The fascination has been fueled by the numerous books and movies published about both mythological creatures. Everywhere you turn there is a new movie out about either vampires such as the Twilight series, or zombies, like the Resident Evil series. Specifically narrowing it down to the film I am Legend, we come in contact with creatures that can relate to both vampires and zombies characteristics. However it is my opinion that the creatures in I am Legend are in fact vampires. Modern zombies were made popular by George A. Romero's film The Night of the Living Dead. Zombies are commonly depicted as brain dead, decaying corpses that do not have the ability to speak, or have any emotions or instincts and also crave human flesh and brains. A zombie can pass on the virus by biting or scratching another human and turn them into zombies as well. Zombies can be killed by being shot in the head or decapitation (Differences).…show more content…
A vampire is a mythical being who subsists by feeding on the life essence generally in the form of blood, of living creatures. The most common characteristics are their insane need and desire for blood, along with being able to run fast and being intelligent. Vampires also possess the traits of leadership, strength, emotions and are often apart of covens. The way vampires pass on the state of immortality and vampirism is through a bite. The most common ways to kill or ward off vampires is with objects like the crucifix, bullets, garlic, roses, holy water, and extreme exposure to UV rays or

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