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What is a Certified Matrimonial Attorney in New Jersey? With so many attorneys practicing in New Jersey, it can be difficult to choose one for your situation. However, once you search for a certified matrimonial attorney, the choices are narrowed down. Only a small percentage of practicing attorneys hold this distinction. What Does It Mean? A certified matrimonial attorney is someone who has been granted certification by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. To receive this designation, the attorney must have demonstrated a level of experience combined with knowledge, education and skill. The attorney must apply for this certification and meet the standards set by the Board on Attorney Certification and be approved by the Court. For an attorney to be considered, he or she must meet specific criteria, which is as follows: • Been a member of the New Jersey bar for more than five years and be in good standing •…show more content…
Why Consider a Matrimonial Attorney Anyone looking for legal help in family law matters should consider the benefits of hiring a matrimonial attorney. This certification shows that he or she is experienced and educated in this area. Potential clients can choose someone who has already shown proficiency in matrimonial law and be more confident that their cases are in the hands of someone that has been recognized for his or her skill set. Of the more than 80,000 practicing attorneys in New Jersey, only a little over 1,000 of them have been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court. You can tell if an attorney has been certified by the designation used on advertising materials. Only those who have received the certification are allowed to put the designation on business cards, letterhead and other materials. It will read "Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney." Peter Van

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