Claireece Precious Jones Case Summary

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Claireece Precious Jones is a sixteen year old African American female that presented with anxiety and depression. The client expressed that she is moody all the time, sad, and does not feel good about herself. She states she has anxiety, problems sleeping, nightmares, and flashbacks. As to her flashbacks, she states it is of her father having sex with her. Sometimes it is about her mother hitting her. Her nightmares are of the same nature. ` She has a history of violence in her family. Her mother began abusing her emotionally, physically, and sexually from an early age. She has had to go to the hospital due to some of the violent incidents. Her father has sexually abused her from an early age as well. Both of the client’s children…show more content…
She meets the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder criteria set out by the DSM V. She has witnessed and experienced sexual and physical violence in her lifetime. The trauma has been done repeatedly since early childhood. She has had nightmares and flashbacks of the traumatic experiences in question. She also has triggers that alter her mood, in turn she will either re-experience the trauma or retreat into her fantasies. She has prodigious negative beliefs about herself due to the abuse. She has a level of detachment from her situation and others who try to help. She often blames herself for the trauma. She also has trouble sleeping, concentrating, and tends to have angry outburst. Due to the systems that she exhibits, it is hard to determine if she is clinically depressed or has generalized anxiety. The symptoms mirror that of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It will not be known until treatment has started to take effect if she has the other two…show more content…
According to Dimauro, women tend to do better than men in exposure therapy. There seems to be a greater success with exposure therapy. She is also at an age were therapy is more viable. Precious is at a young age were this type of therapy is the most beneficial to her. The client is already determined to better her life for her and her children. Exposure therapy gives her the opportunity to be able to confront the trauma head on, and she will be able to feel more empowered in herself. Exposure therapy also relies on the client’s self for monitoring, and this would help her be more structured with her life. Examining her triggers for flashbacks and mood swings is important in self-monitoring. The client likes to write, so this would be a good release and learning experience for her. This could also help with her

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