How Did Gilgamesh Happen After The Flood

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The Flood Falls Different The floods in Gilgamesh and Genesis is said to happen because it is God’s intent there is more to this than that , the floods have different purposes in each story to symbol different events. When reading the stories we should try and look for meaning to the main action, in this case the flood. The flood in Gilgamesh and the flood in Genesis have different purposes not only because they are different stories but because they happened for different reasons. In Gilgamesh we see a significant change in the character Gilgamesh after the flood. In my opinion Gilgamesh changed from the beginning to the end of the story because he was able to find a new friendship and actually trust someone and let them in his life, when he lost this friendship he has become reliable on his life changed. The men’s sins in this case is the purpose of the flood, in my opinion because the sins of Gilgamesh lead the flood. In the following quote “Reject the corpse-like stench of wealth. Choose to live and choose to love; choose to rise above and…show more content…
Before and after the flood we can see what God’s intent was by sending the flood, he wanted a fresh start for himself and for everyone including animals. With the ark built by Noah, the only man the God trusted to lead his “new world”. The purpose of the flood is stated in the quote from the text, “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”, (page 73, line 8 and 9) because God saw human wickedness he wanted to give the earth a new start and end his creations that did not turn out the way he thought. Two by two the male and female of each living thing was put into the ark so that when the flood was over and the earth was clear Noah and everyone else on the ark could start a new earth with the absence of

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