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The existence of extra-terrestrial life Are we alone in the universe? Do other life forms exist? How do they look like? We all have asked many similar questions like that at least once in our life. These questions can’t really be answered due to the lack of a solid proof & evidence. The testimony of others seeing UFO's (unidentified flying objects) & stories being told about the abduction of people by strange beings seems to be the only evidence of Extra terrestrials. Are all these fabricated stories by people for attention and fame or is there is something up there. UFO sightings and reports have flooded the public long ago. 1947 was a special year for these subjects, a prominent incident known as the “Roswell incident” caused a lot of controversy…show more content…
Later the air force has announced that this was just a wreckage of an air balloon, nothing to really be concerned of. How could an army officer be mistaken between a air balloon and a disc? Was this a government cover-up or was it really just a weather air balloon. Like of course all of the UFO incidents and reports, this remains un responded to. But lets talk science, are we really the only intelligent life forms in this ever expanding infinite universe? First, we cant answer that question because, we, for one fact don’t know what is really out there light years away from us, due to the limit of our current technology, let alone we wouldn’t know weather is there any life forms other than us. But for one fact, if we count the probability mathematically of life existence on the millions of plantes that exists, it would be really high. As for my opinion, I do believe that there is other life forms out there and we aren’t the only ones out here, the universe has a lot of hidden facts and stories to still be revealed & discovered, all it takes is time as our Astro-technology improves and becomes more & more sophisticated. How do I prove it you say? Well, I cant prove it, neither the opposite can be proven

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