Hunchback Of Madre Dame Analysis

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My multi-genre portfolio comprises of a series of five pieces selected from a variety of different texts. The original text that I brought in was a book and its title was The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. The French title of this book was Notre-Dame de Paris, and the English title made the “Notre Dame” part less important. Victor wanted the focus of his book to be on the cathedral. Notre-Dame was ruined after the French Revolution. He didn’t want the cathedral to be gone, and he wanted people to appreciate gothic architecture, so he wrote this book. The book has a specific structure to it. The book has many different messages and themes, but I chose to focus on the architecture because that is what Victor wanted to focus on. My direct…show more content…
Poems are great because you get to choose how you want it to be organized. I named the poem “Structure”. Most poems have a specific structural pattern that they follow. To give the poem some simple structure, I made it so that each verse in my poem has eight syllables and I used a basic rhyming scheme. I made the first and last verses very similar to emphasize that structure is needed everywhere. Without structure, people wouldn’t be able to do anything. Everything has some basic structure. Houses and building have structure and some furniture like beds have structure. This is why I said that we would all be tired without structure. I also said that structure helps me think to further emphasize that we need structure and to connect it to my message. The audience for this genre would be everyone ten and up because everyone can read poems and everyone needs structure, but kids might not understand a poem because poems use many words to talk about one…show more content…
I chose to do a movie script because I really like watching movies. I did my best to imitate the structure of a movie script. I used the “courier” font because most of the real movie scripts used it since all of the characters in the font occupied the same amount of space. The font and structure of the script make it easier for different people to read. Whenever someone has dialogue, two indentations are made. The different spacings and indentations allow readers to be able to distinguish the different parts of the script. This is important because if an actor or director isn’t able to easily read a script, then they wouldn’t be able to act or perform. A movie script usually starts with a header that states the setting and the time of day and whether the scene is indoors or outdoors. It is then followed by a brief explanation on who the characters are. I made my characters be in their twenties because the majority of people that watch movies in theaters are in their twenties. I also made my characters James and Henry watch a movie. I made the character Henry think about buildings to connect the script to my message. The audience for this genre would mainly be movie directors. They would need to know what a character says and if a character need to say something in a certain way. When someone writes a script, they need to understand how a person would act in real life and how a person would react to certain

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