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THE REVIEW Title: Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War Director: Je-kyu Kang Other Technical Staff: Writer: Richard Epcar (dubbed version), Ji-hoon Han, Je-kyu Kang and Sang-don Kim Producer: Seong-hun Lee Music: Dong-jun Lee Cinematography: Kyung-pyo Hong Film Editor: Kyeong-hie Choi Genre: Drama and Action Major Cast Members: Dong-gun Jang as Jin-tae Lee Bin Won as Jin-seok Lee Eun-ju Lee as Young-shin Kim Hyeong-jin Kong as Yong-man Yeong-ran Lee as Mother Lee PLOT SYNOPSIS A group from the South Korean Army distinguished the remains of a soldier. Upon checking the list of the people in the K.I.A. and the M.I.A., they have realized that the body that they have identified is still alive. They immediately called the man, thinking that he might only have the same name but the man…show more content…
From that moment, Jin-tae was able to merit the Medal of Honor, but on his way was a tragic moment when he discovered that Young-shin, his fiancée was captured by the Anti-North Korean militia who were told to execute the people who signed up for being rebels under the North Koreans. In Young Shin’s defense, she did that in order to get free food, however, these men did not believe her so Jin-tae and Jin-seok fought with them to rescue Young-shin but they failed. They were sent in jail and while they were inside, Jin-seok blames Jin-tae for the death of Young-shin but he just remained quiet. As Jin-tae earned the Medal of Honor, he asked the Security Commander to send his brother home but he refused, instead, he ordered to set the prisoners, where Jin-tae’s brother was, to be set on fire. Thinking that his brother was dead, as he took the silver pen on the remains, without any conscience, he took a rock hitting the Security Commander on the head, killing him with no hesitation in front of the Chinese

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