Full Of Faith In The Crucible

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Full of Vengeance or Full of Faith? The Crucible not only has witches and delusional people, but also universal conflicts that apply in the 17th, 20th, and the 21st century. The spread of the hysteria throughout Salem was thanks to the citizens dire need for revenge. Then the next problem comes- who do you trust? There’s no bigger person just the 1st one to do wrong and then the 2nd. The Crucible still is relevant to us today because people are always put in situations where they must choose revenge or trust. No matter how long ago people always go an eye for an eye. In The Crucible most of all the citizens that were put on trial were there because Abigail, a 17 year old, told she saw them with the devil. “It is her dearest hope, John, I…show more content…
Once some suspects of witchcraft were brought into the trial Danforth, the judge, had to decide who he should trust. "But likewise children the bible damn all barriers of false witness. Now then. It does not escape me that this deposition may be devised to blind us; it may well be that Mary Warren has been conquered by Satan… I bid you now drop your guile and confess your pretense, for a quick confession will go easier with you" (Miller.102). Even when being brought to court Danforth must tell all the girls to speak the truth. Now when someone is brought to court they must take an oath of truth so they judge knows everyone is telling the truth. Towards the beginning of The Crucible Abigail's uncle, Parris, also struggles to know if Abigail is lying to him. "Now tell me true, Abigail. And I pray you feel the weight of truth upon you, for now my ministry's at stake my ministry and perhaps your cousin's life. Whatever abomination you have done, give meal of it now, for I dare not be taken unaware when I go before them down there" (Miller.11). Even when revenge isn't done knowing what to believe is a problem for all. Not knowing who to trust can make you feel lost, and like the entire world is a blur. Parris doesn’t want to lose his job because he doesn’t know if Abby is trustworthy. Whether you’re deciding to trust your friend or enemy there’s always a sense of concern because no matter who it is trust is

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