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The Lindbergh Kidnapping was the crime of the century. Many couldn’t believe that someone dared to kidnap the Lindbergh’s baby since Charles Lindbergh was the world’s greatest hero at the time. Charles Lindbergh was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 and his wife Anne Morrow was a billionaire heiress. They were always mobbed by fans and admirers so they decided to build a house in a secluded area in the mountains of central New Jersey. Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow’s son, Charles Jr., was twenty months old when he was kidnapped. On a Sunday in March of 1932 they planned to return home to Anne’s parents house in Englewood, New Jersey but, because Charles Jr. had a cold they decided to stay in their Hopewell house…show more content…
from the house. The child was kidnapped on Tuesday night, March 1, 1932, some time between eight and ten. The baby was taken from his second-floor nursery. The kidnapper left a $50,000 ransom note on the radiator case near the nursery window. The only evidence found besides the ransom note was a broken homemade ladder, two footprints leading away from the house towards the getaway car and, a chisel near the house. When Charles Lindbergh realized the baby was gone he searched the grounds and called the State Police. Charles Lindbergh made it clear that he didn’t want police to be involved with any negotiations and that no arrests were to made until the baby was to be returned safely and the ransom be paid. Lindbergh made contact with several negotiators who claimed that they were working with the kidnappers. He also received thousands of letters. On March 5, the Lindberghs got a handwritten note from the kidnappers. The note was mailed from Brooklyn and said, “Don’t be afraid about the baby two ladys keeping care of it day and night.” The note also said to keep the police out of it and that a future not will tell them where to deliver the

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