Iowa Girl Claims Sister Is A Cuckoo Bird: Painting Analysis

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Iowa Girl Claims Sister Is a Cuckoo Bird She believes her “real” sister is trapped inside a painting of Saint Malo, France, in her living room Joanna Zhang, Channel 9 News, September 22nd, 2015 Yesterday, Amy Kakkuk, a ten year old girl from Iowa, shocks her family by accusing her two year old sister, Lotte Kakkuk, of being a “cuckoo bird like girl” who was once inside the painting of Saint Malo, A Cuckoo Bird Egg in Another Bird’s Nest France, located in the Kakkuk’s living room. When asked, Amy Kakkuk promptly declares that she “just knows that the real Lotte is stuck inside the painting”. She then proceeds to tell us that she knows exactly what happened to Lotte, because when she was Lotte’s age, she experienced the exact same thing.…show more content…
In the painting stood a little girl in the shadows who bears a striking resemblance to Lotte, and Amy when she was little. The only difference is that the girl has a single dimple. Amy Kakkuk then whispers to us that it is then that she started having nightmares about Saint Malo: she is in the painting this time, only to her it feels cold, dark, dull, and somber. Amy Kakkuk says she dreamed that the girl, the one in the painting, started moving away from her, out of the painting and away from Saint Malo. Amy Kakkuk then exclaims that it is then that she knew the girl in the painting is trying to replace her and Lotte, just like a cuckoo

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