Leroy Moffatt's Monologue

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Have you ever had intense ambition to succeed in something you had no idea how to even begin to achieve? Have you ever laid in bed at night and made a list of all the things you were going to get done the next day but then didn’t get a single one done? Leroy Moffatt is the sole definition of that. He is reluctant to change the way his life has been because he is content with the routine that he's gone through for years. Although he would like to make his wife happy, it is as if he would rather continually prolong the idea of a contented relationship. It is continuous disappointment to his wife by the way he only thinks of ways he could improve than actually figuring ways to make his thoughts reality. He doesn’t comprehend that he is the…show more content…
But Norma Jeans mother, Mabel spent a lot of time at the house and Leroy hadn't had a problem with it. She inspected the closets and the plants. Leroy got along with his mother in law mainly by joking around, but he thought if he brought up the log house to Mabel she would have some words of wisdom that’d influence her daughter’s negative opinion of it to better, but Norma shut down the idea once again by saying “You have to find a job first. Nobody can afford to build now anyway.” However, Mabel saw it as a great idea, and suggested that before he began to take a visit to Shiloh. Shiloh was where Mabel got married. Norma responded with, “One of these days” impatiently. Leroy could sense the tension between Norma and Mabel, a mother daughter secret feud. It happened quite often. After this occurrence, Norma wanted to switch the topic, she began to list all the available jobs Leroy could get, right then Leroy realized his marriage hadn't improved at all, it had remained the exact same, maybe even worsened. Leroy ended the conversation by saying he was going to build the log house, he wanted to make a home for them. Norma said she “didn't want to live in a log cabin” and Leroy stated it “was not a cabin, it was a home.” The topic

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