Ideal Characteristics In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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When we think about heroes, we think about how amazing and cool their super powers are. We admire how Hercules is strong and tough, how Iron Man is smart and fast but never really ask why they were created. Cultures have created heroes throughout the ages to reveal our ideal characteristics. Even from the beginning of time, when a hero is created, we look at them and pick out the good and bad characteristics they hold. We learn from them and hope we will do good deeds and not turn out bad. One hero we can look at that shows an ideal characteristic is Sir Gawain from “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight”. In the epic, Sir Gawain volunteers himself to the deathly game of chopping the green knight’s head and letting the knight do the same favor to him but a year from now (Malory, 16). At first the king decided to play the game but Sir Gawain stepped up to the plate. Sir Gawain shows that we should be selfless and do favors for others. Being selfless is a huge part in life, it shows other people that you truly care about them. But being selfless doesn’t mean it is for fame and honor, we should be like Gawain’s selfless self because other peoples live is more important than his.…show more content…
Little girls mostly call them their hero but it doesn’t matter how old you are, Disney princesses can teach a characteristic or two that’s useful in life. Disney princess was created to show us how to be protagonists of our own real world oppose to a fictional story. For example my favorite princess, princess Tiana, shows the characteristic of being a hard worker. Disney usually tells us to wish upon a star and that our wish will come true, but it does not work like that! Tiana in the movie dreams about opening about her own restaurant in honor of her dad. She works double shifts to save up money so she could have enough to open one and make her dad happy (Princess and The

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