Oedipus The King: A Huge Role In Greek Myth

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In Greek Myths fate played a huge role in that they could not escape what the 3 mistresses of fate declared. Oedipus is a story that tells of the sin that Greeks would experience. In the Greeks world there was no instagram or Facebook where they could just look up a person and find 20 pictures and a Self Biography. They only knew their family's faces and a couple of close friends but other than that everyone was a stranger. To go even further they didn't keep perfect records of who they where related to and this is the main bases for this story. The fact that Oedipus didn't really know who his parents where posed a huge problem for this story. Many people would argue that fate and the gods where all in control of what happened but some of the blame should also go on Oedipus. The one below states many things that unfold during the story: “I tell you, the man you have been seeking all this time, while proclaiming threats and issuing orders about the one who murdered Laius— that man is here. According to reports, he is a stranger who lives here in Thebes. But he will prove to be a native Theban. From that change he will derive no pleasure. He will be blind, although he now can see. He will be a poor, although he now is rich. He will set off for a…show more content…
If he didn't have such a bad temper he never would have killed the men that tried to run him off the road. Don't get me wrong, the men were not in the right either, they should have stayed on their side of the road and Oedipus should have “taken them with a grain of salt” and let them pass before moving on. Not try to kill them. Also if Oedipus had not tried to run away for his fate he may have never encountered the stranger on the road or married a lonely widow. If he had not tried to run away from his family in Korinth his parents might have told him that he was actually adopted and he could have lived with his father in his final

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