Fried Chicken Marketing Plan

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Introduction Fried chicken is a popular dish that everyone loves. The biggest problem that most people have is not having a fryer to cook it. There are electric skillets out there that will fry your chicken to the right texture and leave enough moisture. There are a variety of recipes out there, and owning an electric skillet can cut down on the mess. They are more efficient than a fryer as well, since you’re not handling hot oil. If you’re looking for an electric skillet to fry chicken, this review should point you in the right direction. You will be glad you read this before going out and buying a new fryer. Recommended Product Reviews Bella Ceramic 12" x 12" Electric Skillet The large capacity holder allows you cook multiple pieces…show more content…
It’s eco-friendly as well, ensuring you’re getting the best out of the skillet. It’s the perfect skillet for anyone looking to have a healthier diet, and not having to worry about cleaning the skillet. The ergonomic handle has a soft-grip finish on it to help your wrists. You won’t have any pain while you’re cooking with this skillet. The shatter-resistant tempered glass allows you to cook at high temperatures, and will keep you safe. If you’re ever worried about dropping a skillet, this one will take your fears away. The skillet is dishwasher safe to provide you with an easy cleanup. You can also put the skillet in the oven, up to 350 degrees F. It works with gas, electric, and ceramic glass cooktops to give you plenty of options. It is also an Italian product, meaning you know you’re getting a quality skillet. Multi-functional 1200 Watt Ceramic 12" x 12" Electric Skillet The large cooking surface area allows you to cook numerous things inside of it. You can fit up to ten chicken drumsticks or six pork chops in the skillet. You won’t have to worry about not having enough food to put in it. If you’re having a party, this is the perfect skillet for cooking all your

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