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In this painting by Frida Kahlo it shows Frida Kahlo with someone on her head. This could show someone is on her mind or concerning her. Frida Kahlo was in a troubled relationship so maybe the person on her mind is her husband as she’s worried what he is going to do to her. At the time of this painting Diego Rivera, Kahlo’s husband, was having an affair with a film star which might of influenced this painting. Also, her hair has wrapped itself around her neck. This could symbolize how Frida Kahlo feels trapped as after her car accident she suffered many injuries and although she recovered, she still sometimes had relapses of pain that meant she had to spend long amounts of time in bed or hospital. There isn’t really much happening in the background…show more content…
She used a lot of Mexican 19th century artist techniques in her paintings. This included influences from European Renaissance art and inscribed banderole across the top or bottom of paintings, which she has used in this painting. Many described Kahlo as being a surrealist however, she said, “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” The mood in this painting is very dark and gloomy. It also makes you feel sorry and sympathy towards Kahlo. Frida has created this mood by using dark and cold colours like dark greens, brown and black. Also, as she is crying in this picture it evokes pathos leaving you sad inside. Finally the context of the painting leaves you sad as marriage is meant to be loving and happy but hers isn’t. The lines in this painting are short and sharp in some places, which shows her anger in the painting but in others, are gentle and smooth. There is a big tonal scale in this painting as there are some very dark areas and some very light areas making the painting seem dramatic. The colours used in this painting are cold and dark colours this makes the painting seem dark and gloomy. Also, in the background, she has used complementary colours red and green to make the writing stand out. The texture of this painting coarse in some places and smooth in

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