Dare You To Move Analysis

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To Move Against the Influence When the group Switchfoot came out with their song “Dare You to Move” it was a huge hit for my age group across America. At that time I had just graduated high school and like all college students, I was seeking direction and guidance in life asking questions such as “who am I” and “what am I supposed to do in life?”. “Dare You to Move“ is an inspirational song that helped to keep me focused on what to achieve in life. Switchfoot’s Music video “Dare You to Move” successfully motivates the viewers to make a change in one’s life even if there are obstacles in the way. They do that by using many symbols in the music video to represent the different trials encountered during the journey for change, including a young…show more content…
When I listened to the music I noticed that their lyrics were a little bit more abstract which drove me to dissect what the meaning of the lyrics were. It was really difficult to understand the lyrics until I remembered to view the message in a Christian aspect. “Welcome to the planet, welcome to existence, everyone’s here, watching you now, waits for you now, what happens next?” These words are an invitation. It could be the birth of a new child entering this world or the start of a new chapter in your life such as graduating high school or receiving your bachelors. These words are an invitation depending on how you view them. “Everyone watching you now, what happens next”? Your family, your friends, the world, watches you as you make your next move in life. “Welcome to the fall out, Welcome to resistance, the tension is here, between who you are and who you could be, how it is and how it should be” This part of the song describes the hardships in life. The “fall out”, “resistance”, and “tension” is reality of the world, people telling you what you can and cannot do; who you should and shouldn’t be. These lyrics can also be viewed in a Christian point of view. “Fall out”, “resistance”, and “tension” are the angels that fell from heaven because of their rebellion to God. “Who you are and who you should be, how it is and how it could be” represents the lies that the devil wants you to
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