Jake's Anxiety Case Study

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Jake is diagnosed with anxiety disorder which is derive from being anxious about the difficult courses in his major. In his treatment for anxiety, we must look at specific assets that make him anxious. His behavior reveals that he feels anxious and worried about the courses he is taking. The fact that he is taking harder courses in his major creates stress. Therefore, the courses he is taking are the main stress triggers for his anxiety. Despite the fact the courses are for his major, Jake has already considered it to be difficult. Therefore, we can assume that because the courses are harder Jake may already have the mindset of having to try harder in order to pass the class. He may feel pressured in doing well in the courses because the courses are for his major. Jake's behavior of anxiety suggests that he is not able to handle stress well. For example humans defer from one another in behavior because there are different reactions. If two students had the same grade of B+ on an exam student…show more content…
Despite the fact that he is in school, the environment outside of school may have an effect on his performance in the courses he is taking. School can be overwhelming by itself no matter what kind of environment one is in. It gives a sense that one must meet great expectations and succeed. Jake must feel that he is not supported very well in his courses which makes it difficult for him to comprehend what he is learning. It is an area where one is not accepted for themselves, but only one will be accepted with the achievements they have accomplished. Though many psychologists say stress itself is not bad, it provides a sense of self-control and self-management. Jake may have had high standards for himself, but what also comes to play is who else has great expectations? His parents for example may be also pressuring him to do well, and the school itself may be pressuring him as

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