Similarities Between Taliban And French Revolution

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Research done has shown that there are similarities and differences between the Taliban and the French Revolution. The Taliban is an “Islamic fundamentalist group that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001”(Zachary Laub). In 2001, for letting al-Qaeda stay in Afghanistan, the United States lead an invasion that knocked the regime that is the Taliban off their feet. Since then they have regrouped across the border in Pakistan. The French Revolution was France’s civil war. The French people wanted change and they wanted it now. They were tired of the monarchy and its ways so they decided to act. The Taliban and the French Revolutionaries both killed innocent people in order to achieve their goals. They both limited peoples freedom in order to try to achieve their promises. Finally they both promised to restore peace and stability.…show more content…
When the leader of the French Revolution was Maximilien Robespierre tens of thousands of people died just because they were suspected for being against the revolution. There were spies who moved in as your neighbor that would arrest you and send you to the guillotine just for not being enthusiastic enough about the revolution. “The Taliban, under the direction of Mullah Muhammad Omar, brought about this order through the institution of a very strict interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law. Public executions and punishments (such as floggings) became regular events at Afghan soccer stadiums.” (Laura Hayes, Borgna Brunner, and Beth Rowen). If people under the control of the Taliban disobeyed the very strict version of the Islamic law they would most likely be punished in some way. The taliban however, did this for religious reasons unlike the French. The French believed that the only way that they would achieve their goal of getting rid of the Old Regime entirely was to kill all people who even somewhat had doubts about what Robespierre was doing as

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