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Frankenstein shows us that our view of what it means to be human is too fixed. Discuss The play, Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, and adapted by Philip Pulman, tells the story of an eccentric scientist who accidentally creates a monster in one of his experiments. The way the humans look like, portrays emotion and act are determined by the fixed view society sees it as. When Frankenstein first looks at the Monster he created, it makes him believe that the Monster is inhumane. Villagers and dogs also judge the Monster by their own feelings, except for Agathe, who understands him as a human in a non-fixed way. The play demonstrates that looking at appearances is a close-minded way to judge whether a person is human or not. The way the villagers and Frankenstein perceive the Monster as a foul creature by its image shows that they only think that appearances matter as a human. When Frankenstein first sees the Monster, he exclaims, ‘I thought I was making an…show more content…
The way Agathe acts toward the Monster shows that her view on what is human is not fixed at all. This is seen when she realises that the Monster has helped her ‘bring the logs in’ and when she tries to stop Felix from shooting the Monster because ‘he begged for it.’ Agathe defies the fixed the opinion that humans must have a particular appearance when she feels the Monster’s face and says, ‘You poor man!’ This makes the Monster really confused because he has never been regarded as a ‘man’ before. She also understands how the Monster feels as an ‘outcast’ and how the Monster wants to help Felix and her. Even though Agathe has an open view of what is considered human, if she happens to not be blind, her whole view can change back to a narrow perspective. Many views on what is humane can be open-minded, however, they can be restricted when they are placed in a different

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