Ford Competitive Environment Analysis

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To have success in a competitive environment you have to have the right mindset. Managers often view the competitive environment as a hostile battle for dominance. According to Michael Porter this is the wrong way to view the competitive market. A company should aim to be unique not the best. The heart of competition is creating value, and not beating the rivals. (Magretta and Porter, 2011) This should be Ford’s focus moving forward. The Aluminum body truck is a good example of being unique and creating value. With the hybrid car craze in full effect, Ford had to find a way to increase their competitiveness. Instead of focusing on engine efficiency they found a way to increase fuel efficiency through weight reduction. Companies have attempted…show more content…
While competitors shift focus to one sustainable technology Ford will be on the forefront of innovation with a “ONE Ford” unified vision of developing a broad portfolio of new technologies. Not only has Ford developed a way of reducing the overall weight, but they also have developed the Ford Focus EV. Car guru Chelsea Sexton, who knows more about the market for EVs than nearly anyone, says the Focus EV demo seriously impressed her and other influencers. As Sexton told me, “It’s the first time in my life that I’ve lusted after a Ford!” (Winston, 2018) The Ford Focus EV is yet another example of Ford’s multi-faceted sustainable strategy that concentrates on staying competitive on many fronts. This will assist Ford in maintaining a competitive advantage as the threat of new entrants emerge in the…show more content…
By Ford cutting down their core suppliers they created positive bonds with the stable companies they chose to continue to do business with. Extra effort must be made to be sure that these same suppliers do not forget the hand that fed them in hard times. This can be done by solidifying supplier relationships by staying relevant in the automotive market. Ford must keep their demand for these supplies up through successful operations. Another option to consider to stick to the “ONE Ford” ideology is to use suppliers in different global regions where they produce the vehicles. A solid way to sell vehicles globally is to show that you support business in the regions in which you wish to thrive. Consumers tend to reward companies that give back to their local

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