Comparing Marriage In Trifles And The Story Of An Hour

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Comparing and Contrasting In both “Trifles” and “The Story of an Hour”, its readers could come to the conclusion these two dramatic stories understood that marriage was a big idea in the stories and revolved around how it affects both the husband and the wife. This play and short story can be extremely similar to each other at times, but at the same time can be a whole different story. Either way, marriage is a huge factor. Identically, “Trifles” and Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” both have the main idea or theme throughout the passage. Altogether, ideas from each passage may vary from one another and or be compared to the other. With the idea of Mrs. Wright killing her husband over the horrific wrongdoing he committed when he killed the one bird that Mrs. Wright loved by the neck, and Mr. Mallard, in the other hand, killing his husband accidentally, provided us what was needed for us readers to realize how each action being committed, whether belonging to the wife or to the husband, would affect both of their lives equally since usually is how…show more content…
To sum it all up, any couple that is married shouldn’t occasionally have themselves work individually. Usually, a pair is married because they can get along with each other and don’t take matter to one of their own hands because either way, the effect to both the husband and wife are equally identical. Considering that this play and short novel have similar ideas, the evidence that Mrs. Wright wanted to get back at her husband the same way he did to her lovely bird and the evidence of how Mr. Mallard and Mrs. Mallard in “The Story of an Hour”. Another noticeable similarity was that the marriages of both couples were not perfect. In “The Story of an Hour” Another noticeable similarity was

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