The Medo-Persian Empire

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The Achaemenid Empire left a huge historical impact on the world. They influenced nearby cultures, society, technology, as well as religion. The influences also included the territorial and military presence they had on the land. Much of the Athenian population adopted customs of the Achaemenids in their daily lives due to the cultural exchange that occurred due to being allied with or employed by the Persian kings. Judeo-Christian works discuss the effect of Cyrus the Great's Edict of Restoration. The empire also was a key part in the Zoroastrianism into China and other regions. Alexander the Great even took some Persian customs after his conquer, exalting some of the Persian kings like Cyrus the Great, and having his subjects bow to…show more content…
One theory begins with warfare causing the fall of the empire. Artaxerxes' successor, Artaxerxes III (358 – 338 BCE) took control of the throne by assassinating eight of his half-brother. In 343 BCE Artaxerxes III defeated Nectanebo II, forcing him to flee from Egypt turning the country into a Persian territory. In 338 BCE Artaxerxes III died, although the cause is unknown, cuneiform scripts say he passed by natural causes. While a Greek historian, Diodorus, accounted Artaxerxes death to a murder committed by his minister, Bagoas. Artaxerxes III successor was Artaxerxes IV, but he was poisoned by Bagoas before he could enact his rule. It is believed that many other princes of the land and Arses’ children fell victim to Bagoas. Darius III, Artaxerxes IV’s nephew and a Satrap of Armenia, was given the throne from Bagoas. Darius eventually took revenge on Bagoas for killing countless people and poisoned him. At the same time, around 334 BCE, that Darius was conquering Egypt Alexander was attacking Asia Minor. Egyptians had regained their freedom from Achaemenid rule, even though the Persians had ruled over Egypt twice with the Egyptians still regaining independence both times. The periods in Egypt when the Achaemenid Empire ruled as the twenty-seventh dynasty under Darius II from 525-404 BCE and the thirty-first…show more content…
That does not factor in the supplies and material goods that were also expected to be given along with the tax. Alexander eventually put in his private amount of money into the economy to help aid, and by the time of his death hundreds of thousands of dollars had been spent on building temples and dockyards, vast new cities, the payment of the troops in his army, and the normal government expenses.(Robinson

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