Frederic Remington's Aiding A Comrade: Old American West

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Michael Barrick Susan Baker 4/14/15 Art History Frederic Remington The piece I have chosen to write about is titled Aiding a Comrade painted by the artist Frederic Remington. Frederic Remington is most famously known for his depictions of the old American west, in particular figures such as the United States Calvary and Native Americans. Not just a painter, Remington is also very well known for his many drawings, as well as his talent at sculpture. Unlike other artists who chose to focus on the great landscapes of the American west, Remington chose to focus on the people and the animals, with the landscape being considered secondary to the piece. In doing so he gave the west a new identity and created some it’s most enduring imagery. Aiding a Comrade shows two cowboys attempting to rescue a comrade who has fallen from his horse, while fleeing Native Americans. The main reason I chose this piece was because of the sheer emotion depicted. In the foreground we see three majestic horses in action. Remington was truly a master at displaying the horse. One could even say that horses were the artist’s trademark. Previously horses in action were usually just painted with the legs pointing outward. But Remington was able to show the horse in mid gallop with the anatomy of the animal in graphic detail. The…show more content…
Especially the cowboy on the ground who has fallen from his horse. The anguish on the fallen riders face made me think of the struggles of the westward expansion. Not just that of the U.S. Calvary but of the Native Americans as well. What I love about this piece is that it looks as if it’s a snapshot of action, adrenaline, and drama. The artist also studied photography which helps capture this effect. Remington was criticized for photography aiding in his work. But it embellished motion and greatly improved his work. The artist is quoted as saying “the artist must know more than the

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