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This paper is covering Freud psychodynamic approach to psychology. The id, ego and super ego the three aspects of the mind that form a person’s personality, the ego defense mechanisms; how the id defend it self at certain situations. Applied on the movie fight club. The narrator is called Jack he is the main character of the movie he hates his life, his job and his apartment. He tried to escape from realty by creating ego called Tyler Durden. Both Tyler and Jake started this fight club where many of men gather at the end of every week to fight and beat each other in order to overcome their stress and worries. By the time this fight club is moved out from the basement to become project Mayhem this is when, this club pulls risky missions starts…show more content…
In the movie fight club, Jake represent the ego and super ego he is the one who follow the roles set by the society and dealing with reality. For example when Tyler started to take the members of fight club to different directions by committing those dangerous missions Jack was the only one to object, refusing to break the roles. Freud stated ego defense mechanisms focused on how the ego defends itself against internal events or impulses, which are regarded as unacceptable to one’s…show more content…
Here in the movie we see the first defense mechanism, denial which is arguing against an anxiety provoking stimuli by stating it doesn’t exist for example when Jake started attending deferent supporting groups pretending that he has the same problem as them or suffering from cancer; he is doing this to feel alive again denial that he is better than all of the participants and leading a normal life. Another one is displacement it is taking out impulses and on a less threating target Tyler, Jack and all the members of fight club express their anger and worries by betting each every night. Projection is placing unacceptable impulses in your self onto someone else this appears in jack case he created Tyler character to blame him on the reckless action he is doing. The last one is rationalization; supplying logical or rational reason as opposed to the real reason, this is when jack find out the Tyler isn’t a real person and it is him who is committing all the missions he wanted to blame Tyler on his reckless

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