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Female Snipers Unlike much of the world at the time, the Soviet Union recruited about 20,000 women as snipers during the Second World War. As unusual as it was for the rest of the world, the Red Army fielded many female snipers who proved their worth through their many confirmed victims. All together the female Soviet snipers achieved over 12,000 kills which is nearly the worth of an entire Nazi division. The Soviets had discovered that women were valuable snipers since they fit the criteria well. Women were good snipers because they were deliberate, patient, usually avoided hand-to-hand combat and had a high level of aerobic conditioning. Their roles as snipers were also shared in pairs forming a team. They would take turns as the spotter and the sniper. The targets chosen by the snipers would usually be an…show more content…
Pavlichenko. She was one of the most successful snipers in history, and the most successful female sniper. She still holds the record for total confirmed kills of any female sniper in history and she is not too far from Simo Häyhä’s (the white death’s) all-time record of 542 confirmed kills. She had been among the first to volunteer for sniper training and to join the infantry. She had been assigned to the Red army’s 25th Rifle Division. And in 14 months she had 309 confirmed kills including 39 enemy snipers, but that is only her total of confirmed kills. But unfortunately she had soon later been by a mortar shell that had fallen near her hiding place. After that she left the frontline to go train numerous other female snipers for the Red Army. She had also become a public spokesperson. She later was awarded with both a Colt 1911 and a Winchester Model 70 while visiting the White House during the war (she had been the first Soviet citizen to be invited by President Roosevelt into the White House and she attended fundraisers while there). She had been one of the lucky few who had lived past the Second World

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