Effects Of Obscenity In 1984

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As adolescents develop, they must be shielded from detrimental influences to ensure a healthy future. Adolescence is the phase in life when students begin to form their inherent morals and values, thus what they are exposed to affects their ability to make decisions. Education, a potent tool, must better the lives of individuals, rather than misguide them. By introducing modern adolescents to vulgarity and obscenity when their minds have not fully developed, society puts into jeopardy the stability of social structures and public safety. Inappropriate material must be omitted from schooling systems, and for this to happen, books which elicit negative response must be withdrawn. George Orwell’s 1984 exemplifies a form of destructive literature,…show more content…
Although premarital sexual activity and the display of intense and detailed sexual intercourse are controversial issues, 1984 holds no respect for the negative impact of describing such activities to adolescents. Through its vast imagery, Orwell’s novel instead encourages premature sex among the adolescent population. Orwell explains to his audiences every detail pertaining to sexual intercourse; the characters, Winston and Julia, regularly “tear off their clothes, and make love with sweating bodies,”(Orwell 150) with Julia “[pressing] her bosom against [Winston]”(136) so that he “could feel her breasts”(136). Having done what Orwell described as “the force that would tear the Party to pieces”(126) “hundreds of times...with Party members,” (125) the characters also promote sexual promiscuity. Not only does Orwell provide overly graphic details, he also proposes that fornication be used to solve societal problems. Displaying grotesque images of intimacy, negative coping strategies, and loose sexual relations, Orwell’s novel corrupts the youth and advocates the destruction of modern societies formed upon faithfulness, chastity, and…show more content…
In his dreams, Winston imagines “smashing…[a woman’s] head in with a cobblestone,” (120) “[flogging] her to death with a rubber truncheon…and [shooting] her full of arrows” (15). Furthermore, the protagonist and Julia vow to “cause the death of hundreds of innocent people...throw sulphuric acid in a child’s face, [and] commit suicide”(172) because they believe that these actions will help to form a better world. Upon reading this novel in which people value forms of murder and suicide, the influence placed upon students’ growing brains will be destructive. Adolescents will acquire violent methods from the savage scenes in which people are beaten to the point that they are “[forced]...into losing consciousness,”(240) “amid a stream of blood and saliva”(235) and will replicate such actions in their own societies. Their immature minds will wrongly interpret violence as a way to maintain harmony, as it is described in the

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