Comparing Erikson's Eight Stages To The Film The Notebook

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I am going to be relating Erik Erikson’s eight stages to the movie The Notebook. I choose this theory because the stages, conflict, and outcomes are all very present through out the movie. Erikson’s theory of development describes development in stages across the life span. The movie shows the characters from an adolescence age to a maturity/ death stage. Each stage is characterized by a social psychological task that becomes the major psychological focus for the individual during that time in their life. The ego develops as it successfully resolves crises that are distinctly social in nature. These involve establishing a sense of trust in others, developing a sense of identity in society, and helping the next generation prepare for the future. This movie is about a…show more content…
This upsets Noah and causes him to break things off with Allie. Her parents then decide they are moving back to Charleston, but when she tries to contact Noah, she cannot reach him. He writes to Allie everyday for a year, hearing no response because her mom hides all the letters. Heartbroken, Noah enlists in the armed forces and fights in a war where his best friend is killed. Allie has moved on with a man named Lon Hammond and eventually becomes engaged to him. Noah buys the abandoned house and begins to fix it up. Eventually it stars on the front page of the newspaper and causes Allie to come back to see Noah. They work things out, but Allie’s mother shows up to warn her Lon is in town and brought her all the letters Noah had written. Back in present day, they realize the elderly woman is Allie who is suffering from dementia and Duke is Noah whom she does not remember. On certain days, Allie is lucid and can remember parts of the story. One day in particular, she remembers the story of how they met but soon loses her memory again. Duke had been put in the hospital for a while but when he returns to Allie, she is lucid again. She asks him what will happen when she loses her

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