Compare And Contrast Pro-Republicanism Vs Pro Federalism

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What does it mean to imply that a nation or country is either pro-federalism or pro-republicanism? Both terms if construed individually, have significant differences depending on the context of their interpretation. Nevertheless, it should be noted that nations can have both types of governments as functioning elements under the constitution. Federalism is built or established under the understanding that a central government exists that is exclusive of other states within a given union such as the United States. It can also imply bluntly, the exercise of supreme power over other states, provinces and districts in any given country, of which the United States is a perfect example. Republicanism on the other hand, seems to be founded on the belief that while it is proper to have a centralized type of government, power should be limited to the state organs and should be devolved to other states or districts or provinces for that matter.…show more content…
Upon the signing of the constitution of the United States of America by delegates, all states that wished to be accommodated into the union had to ratify the constitution. Indeed, it was at this very time that problems erupted with anti-federalists rallying against the ascension of the constitution terming it an untrusted system of government. Federalists on the other hand, argued that the proposed constitution contrary to what their opponents thought of it would indeed unify the states into one large continental nation. In the following paragraphs, critical review of the position taken by the pro-republicanism will be examined in a bid to determine the viability of their

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