Argumentative Essay On Bigfoot

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Imagine seeing a seven foot tall, hairy body walking in the forest next to you. This could be Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Bigfoot was first caught on tape on the Patterson-Gilman film in 1967, and has been seen many times since then all over America. Some people think that he is an attention ploy, but others think that he is an elusive primate or prehistoric human. There are television shows that search for Bigfoot to prove the disbelievers wrong. I believe in Bigfoot because of all the information that is evident, such as the theories that have been created and the numerous sightings resulting in various television shows. Bigfoot or Sasquatch is a big, hairy manlike creature. His name came from a bulldozer operator who found and casted large tracks…show more content…
MK was on a hunting trip with his family. When they were walking back to the camp sight, they came across this log structure that you can tell was not made by humans. “The closet stump was fifty yards away” from the log structure. It stood “Eight feet high, thirty feet around and with a two foot opening” as a door. There was this “Musky smell” MK said and thought he “Heard a woodpecker,” but it was “Rocks being slapped together.” They then found another way back to their camp site. After dinner they were sitting in a tent playing cards when their tent collapsed on them. They each got a flash light and protection. MK and his cousin went to look behind the tent when the cousin asked what was standing in front of MK. MK did not see it at first, but when he did when he started to chase it. It got down on all fours and ran. He said that he got close enough to jump on its back, but his cousin stopped him. MK said that it was “Seven to eight feet tall, walked on two legs, and looked to weigh between 600 to 800 pounds.” When they got back to the camp sight, they told them the reason the tent came down was that two corner stacks were pulled out. They were pounded in with an ax and MK says he has gone back since then, but he will not go alone

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