Southwest Airlines Case Study

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Southwest Airlines and the 3 Horizon Model Southwest Airlines was founded over 45 years ago in 1971 and there was major expansion of the company which flew passengers between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio which was inside Texas. The company successfully has many passengers which makes the airline company to have strong emerging position among the masses. The company is successfully engaged in different operations while the official website of Southwest provides the details that there are strong customer base for the airline (Miles et al, 2005). The major elements of success associated with the airline involve the employee care, customer commitment and products without discrimination. The three horizon model for Southwest Airlines indicates…show more content…
Southwest Airlines have been trying to use ultimate mission services which provide finest quality of customer service which makes an environment providing sense of warmth, friendliness and managing the company spirit (Rao et al, 2015). Horizon 2: Southwest airline is not in the lead in this part of the horizon as there are no innovation aspects however the only thing which attracts customers is that they are low-cost carrier within United States of America which makes them to still offer only one seating option and they have been engaged in providing the flight meals, toiletries and headphones which are common so there is lack of innovation in Southwest airlines. Horizon 3: Apart from airlines sectors there is no other business currently being operated by Southwest airlines. The company is only engaged in flight operations and also for making better development in the airline sector.…show more content…
The problem is major for Southwest Airline as they have been caring more for the financial reward of employees. This identifies the complex issue faced by the airline as the unionised workforce have been the major target and forced approach engaged in providing employees better work environment. The airlines lack diversification of products and also they have been genuinely feeling guilty of this aspect. The employee’s involvement is more careful in the specific tasks such as self-scheduling and enabling employees to have their own timings arrangement and improving sense of responsibility. Southwest airlines lacks diversification of products and services as there is no new type of service introduced (Rao et al, 2015). Moreover, the company also has no new type of work environment which involves different types of issues as concentration on employees is diverting the attention of company over expanding the business. The company lacks diversity, innovation, new skills and also a work environment with creative flow of ideas just a team with loyal employees cannot drive the business to be

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